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Sibeiho OMG! Sambal

Sibeiho OMG! Sambal

Our cook with anything Sambal. OMG! Sambal is a vegan Sambal that adds that Singaporean zing to your food. Deceptively simple, this Sambal is great base to add instant depth and heat to add to whatever you are cooking. A must-have kitchen hack to add that umami oomph to round out the taste profile for your dish.

100% natural ingredients. No MSG. No added color or unnatural preservatives. Made from our family recipes.

Taste Profile: Roasted heat & a touch of nuttiness.
Heat Level: 4/5
Uses: Stir into pastas, stir-fries, soups and stews. Mix with mayo and eat with fries, veggie sticks, or chips. Mix a tablespoon each of this Sambal and your favorite honey, and use as a protein marinade for grilling perfection.

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