Single Serving Drinking Chocolate

Treehouse Originals

  • Just Add Hot Water!

    Original: Original contain rich dark chocolate to make an authentic drinking chocolate. Ingredients: °Cacao beans, °Cane sugar, °Cocoa powder, °*Nonfat dry milk powder, Sea salt, Guar gum, Carob bean gum, °Vanilla bean

    Spiced: Spiced contain a delicious kick of aji panca chili and ceylon cinnamon. Ingredients: °Cacao beans, °Cane sugar, °Cocoa powder, °*Nonfat dry milk powder, Aji panca, °Ceylon cinnamon, Sea salt, Guar gum, Carob bean gum, °Vanilla bean

    Sea Salt: Sea salt is a rich drinking chocolate that contain sea salt that has been smoked in cherrywood. Ingredients: °Cacao beans, °Cane sugar, °Cocoa powder, °*Nonfat dry milk powder, Cherrywood smoked sea salt, Sea salt, Guar gum, Carob bean gum, °Vanilla bean

    *contains dairy

    Our premium 72% cacao drinking chocolate are made with real dark chocolate from high quality, organic cacao that we sustainably source directly from a Oro Verde farmer owned cooperative in Northern Peru.There are no preservatives or refined sugars in our drinking chocolates - instead, we focus on ethically-sourced wholesome ingredients.

    We craft our hot chocolate in small batches to bring out the individual nuances of each cacao bean. With a modern take on a traditional European technique, we are able to fully realize the potential of the beans we source. All this makes for a decadent, fruity & fudge-like hot chocolate as intended to highlight the spirit of craft chocolate making.
  • Treehouse OriginalsTreehouse Originals Curiosity has driven Aaron Koch to do some wild things, but the greatest thing curiosity guided him to do was work on the cacao farms of Hawaii. There, Aaron dug his hands into the dirt and found a lifelong passion.

    In the tiny treehouse he called home, an idea formed: a chocolate company that does justice to the craft and spirit of cacao farming. That uses only premium organic cacao, sustainably sourced direct from the farmers. Treehouse foregoes unhealthy substitutes in favor of simple, natural deliciousness.

    Organic rich decedent chocolate is finally at your fingertips and ready to go. Treehouse Drinking Chocolate Co. produces craft chocolate for everyone. Have your taste buds dive into a new dimension with toasty melted chocolate so amazing, you'll need to carry Treehouse Chocolate pouches with you everywhere (good thing the packets are portable!)
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