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Slow Corpse - Fables

Slow Corpse - Fables

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    On Fables, the forthcoming release from Ashland, Oregon favorites Slow Corpse, languid soul and gauzy dream rock float effortlessly over a bed of nuanced post-rock melodic complexity. Taut, arrestingly propulsive R&B-tinged melodic hooks ebb and flow against an ever-present undercurrent of woozy psychedelica. Born out of the creative union of artists from very different musical ecosystems, Fables manages to blend seemingly disparate elements together in a record that is both intellectually compelling, absolutely of-the-moment, and just plain catchy as hell.

    TLE-073 (2018)

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    Slow Corpse

    Track Listing

    1. Run It
    2. Cruel
    3. Fables
    4. Blooming
    5. 7:25 AM
    6. Animals
    7. Hold You
    8. People
    9. Home
    10. Cigarette
    11. Sycamore

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    In 2019, the Slow Corpse live band went separate ways, opening up a whole new horizon for Winters & Clarke. No longer bound to writing songs for a standard, 5-piece band, they found themselves free to experiment outside of any one genre or style. While still paying homage to their roots in the Pacific Northwest indie scene, the sound is far more ambitious than their earlier work.

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