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Slumberkins Together We Shine Vol. 1 LP

Slumberkins Together We Shine Vol. 1 LP

Our first studio album is a collaboration with talented musicians Ingrid Michaelson, A Great
Big World, Trevor Hall, Britnee Kellogg, AHI, Rachel Platten, and MOsley WOtta who
supercharged the Slumberkins affirmations and messages through music. Each song is inspired
by a different creature and promotes an aspect of emotional wellness including
self-confidence, individuality, self-worth, love, gratitude, and authenticity.


We have always known the importance and power of music when it comes to expressing and
feeling emotions. Music has the power to speak to us on a deeper emotional level than spoken
word alone. Now parents and kids can enjoy the beneficial messages in these songs together
on our limited edition Sunshine vinyl record, which also includes never before released
instrumental versions of the songs!


Side A:
1. So Lovable - Slumberkins & AHI
2. Being You - Slumberkins & Britnee Kellogg
3. Heart Family - Slumberkins & A Great Big World
4. Take A Deep Breath - Slumberkins & Trevor Hall
5. I Imagine (feat. Ingrid Michaelson) - Slumberkins & MOsley WOtta
6. Your Light - Slumberkins & Rachel Platten
7. Feelings - Slumberkins & Ingrid Michaelson

Side B:
1. So Loveable (Instrumental)
2. Being You (Instrumental)
3. Heart Family (Instrumental)
4. Take A Deep Breath (Instrumental)
5. I Imagine (Instrumental)
6. Your Light (Instrumental)
7. Feelings (Instrumental)


What’s Included:
1. 1 12” vinyl record
i. Side A: 7 Lyrical songs
ii. Side B: 7 Instrumental songs

2. 1 digital download code for all 14 audio tracks
3. Protective inner sleeve and outer record jacket

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