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  • Ginger Peach: A decidedly fruitful pairing of Indian and Sri Lankan black teas, joined with the earthy essence of ginger, peach and nectarine. A perfect pick for all seasons. Deep, rich, rewarding and unimpeachably delicious. Tasting notes of peach cobbler, caramel, and ginger.
    Tahitian Green: Riding a perfect wave of full-bodied Chinese green tea, this fresh taste of paradise lands with a splash of pineapple, peach and vanilla. Votes other tropical teas right off the island. Tasting notes of pineapple, mango, and vanilla.
    Pacific Lemongrass: This complex and remarkably thirst-quenching caffeine-free infusion of lemongrass and citrus is rounded out by golden chamomile and a pinch of Pacific Northwest peppermint. A natural hit with new tea converts and connoisseurs alike. Tasting notes of lemon poppy seed cake, candied ginger, and white grape.
    Mediterranean Mint: A lively, palate-pleasing blend of invigorating Chinese green tea and fresh, clean peppermint leaves from the Pacific Northwest. A Mediterranean vacation in a glass. Whether you're as "cool as a cucumber" or have that southern belle charm, we have the perfect patio sippers to keep you refreshed all summer long. Click here for our Cucumber Mint and Mint Julep recipes. Tasting Notes: Peppermint, granite and chocolate
  • Smith TeamakersSmith Teamaker was co-founded by Steven Smith, a Portland native passionate about the art of tea since he was a child drinking his grandmother's tea. Steve made a worldwide name for himself best known as the co-founder of Stash Tea Company, followed by founding Tazo tea. Upon selling Tazo tea to Starbucks, with the hopes of retiring, Steve moved to France with his wife, Kim and son. After a few years, the itch to create resurfaced upon their return to Portland, inspired the start of Smith Teamaker, a nod to the chocolatiers and winemakers Steve befriended in Provence.
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