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Nightwork Candle

Smoky Bars and Life On Mars Candle

Smoky Bars and Life On Mars Candle

The hollow and rhythmic sounds of her boots on the wet pavement echo through the night air. Fog floods the floors of the haunted hotel, making your breath catch in your throat. Her? She is right at home. From one ear hangs an earbud singing songs of decades past, the other dangles against the cool skin of her chest, an open invitation to speak if you dare.

Smoky Bars and Life on Mars is smooth like coconut milk and dangerous like lustful, smoky musk which casts a grim afterthought. From her backpack spill vintage anatomy books long since proven obsolete by science, but she doesn’t care. Her intelligence descends from the galaxies, sprinkling like powdery jasmine through the ethereal skies. Smoky Bars and Life on Mars is a venus fly trap, ready to trap you inside of her celestial infinity. 

  • Head; coconut milk, midnight jasmine
  • Heart; black pepper, cedar
  • Soul; tonka, musk

All of Nightwork Candles are made with a paraffin free coconut soy wax blend. Wicks are cotton, lead free and fragrances are paraben/phthalate free. Nightwork uses custom blends of fragrance oils and essential oils and are PETA certified vegan/cruelty free.

This candle is 9 oz (255 grams) The dimensions are 3 x 3.25 in and is in a translucent black glass candle vessel. This jar is reusable as decor. Burn time is roughly 50 hrs. For the love and safety of your candle, please trim the wick before every burn.

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