Tea Sampler

Smith Teamaker

  • Smith Tea's most popular green and black teas and herbal infusions. This boxed set of teas was handcrafted just for you in wonderfully small batches, to offer a drinking experience like nothing else in the world. Each is created from ingredients picked at their peak and combined with rare verve and imagination.

    Contains 6 tea bags; one sachet each of six best-selling flavors. Includes:
    -one each Fez and Mao Feng Shui green teas
    -one each Lord Bergamot and Brahmin black teas
    -one each Meadow and Peppermint Leaves herbal infusions
  • Smith TeamakersSmith Teamakers was co-founded by Steven Smith, a Portland native passionate about the art of tea since he was a child drinking his grandmother's tea. Steve made a worldwide name for himself best known as the co-founder of Stash Tea Company, followed by founding Tazo tea. Upon selling Tazo tea to Starbucks, with the hopes of retiring, Steve moved to France with his wife, Kim and son. After a few years, the itch to create resurfaced upon their return to Portland, inspired the start of Smith Teamaker, a nod to the chocolatiers and winemakers Steve befriended in Provence.
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