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The Family Crest - Beneath the Brine

The Family Crest - Beneath the Brine


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    Beneath the Brine is a sweeping soundscape that highlights The Family Crest’s ability to balance the digestibility of pop and the complexity of dense string and horn arrangements. The group’s sonically rich palettes and frontman Liam McCormick’s virtuosic vocals have earned The Family Crest fans at WXPN, Paste and SPIN.

    TLE-045 (2014)
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The Family Crest

Track Listing

1. Beneath the Brine
2. The World
3. Love Don't Go
4. William's Dirge
5. Howl
6. The Water's Fine
7. I Am the Winter
8. She Knows My Name
9. As We Move Forward
10. When the Light Go Out
11. There's a Thunder
12. Make Me a Boat

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The Family Crest has a seemingly natural ability to infuse pop into complex arrangements and create a cohesive, digestible soundscape from a wide swath of individual instruments. They are based in San Francisco, CA.

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