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Tirzah Lane Art

Tirzah Lane: Crater Lake Print

Tirzah Lane: Crater Lake Print


  • This piece of Crater Lake was inspired by the magical winters that Crater Lake is famous for.

    This print of Crater Lake is an original of a 16x29 acrylic on canvas.
  • Tirzah Lane Art Tirzah Lane Art I never though I would call myself a painter, but I am more proud than ever to do so. I get to follow in my grandma Char's footsteps. I share the same middle name, so I sign all my paintings in memory of her, Tirzah Lane.She taught me to find magic in everything, she lived among the redwoods and we would explore the woods and the shore of the Oregon coast looking for wildflowers and driftwood. I cherish those moments and it is deeply rooted to why I paint and have such a deep love a respect for the earth.I live on a little ranch in Bend, OR but the world inspires me. You'll see many paintings of Texas as I have family there. I am constantly inspired by new places, color and of course, lots and and lots of wildflowers.
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