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Typhoon - Hunger And Thirst

Typhoon - Hunger And Thirst

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      Typhoon's Hunger & Thirst opens with the lines "I've started a new beginning... suspiciously like the old one, only this time, I'm ready". Frontman Kyle Morton sings these lyrics with the wary bravery of someone staring down a familiar path, with full knowledge of its challenges and potential pitfalls. Fittingly, producer Paul Laxer recorded Hunger & Thirst in Morton and his bandmates' beloved Victorian rental house. At the time of the recording, the band’s lease was winding down; all 12 band members knew their time in the house was limited and that they were crafting an aural snapshot using room mics and dining rooms. The house has its footprints all over the record if you're listening for it. Spaciously framing Typhoon's lush orchestration, its wood floors perfectly warm Morton's dynamic vocals in a way that a traditional studio environment would be hard-pressed to pull off.

      TLE-024 (2010)
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    Typhoon is a band of contradictions. The eleven-piece Portland supergroup is both wild and tightly structured, punk and symphonic. Frontman Kyle Morton’s lyrics are concerned primarily with death, but Typhoon’s songs are resoundingly triumphant. The truth is that the band, formed by high school friends who somewhat miraculously overcame the interpersonal challenges and logistical nightmares of keeping a project of this scale intact to full maturity, was just built that way. Morton has fought significant battles with illness over the course of his life and has at times left him struggling with meaning. Of Typhoon’s music he says, “You can consider it one very bewildered man’s attempt to explain the universe to the language of bewilderment.”

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