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Upgrade To A Gift Box

Upgrade To A Gift Box

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Elevate your unique gift with a cute TLE gift box!

Upgrade includes:
-TLE care package gift box
-Items gently nestled in crinkle paper and TLE tissue paper
-Personalized message printed on a TLE notecard - *available for every order
-Price tags removed

*Please note: Items or orders too large to fit in our largest gift box may ship in separate plain corrugated cardboard boxes.

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Our warehouse will pick the box that best fits your gift. For reference and to check that your order will fit, please see our box sizes below here.

Box A- 6in x 3in x 5in
Box B- 6in x 6in x 6in
Box C- 9in x 6in x 4in
Box D- 9.5in x 7.75in x 4in
Box E- 12in x 10in x 4in
Box F- 15.25in x 11.25in x 5.5in
Box G- 13in x 13in x 6in

*Personalized message to be added in the notes section at checkout.
*Care Packages and gift boxes are also available at all of our retail locations.