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Vibrant Valley Blue

Vibrant Valley Blue Soap

Vibrant Valley Blue Soap

  • Enjoy this bright bar of soap made with organically grown and processed Indigo. We use organic oils and farm-raised lard for a smooth lather and a gentle moisturizing experience. This soap will leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and moisturized.

    (Ok we get it - lard in soap sounds antiquated right? Or just gross? But wait, let use tell you why we think it is awesome! First and foremost, the lard in this soap is a by-product from Pigs that were raised and cared for here at Vibrant Valley Farm. They were tended and cared for by Angie, an employee here at VVF, and Alex, her partner and long time community member. Both Angie and Alex are enthusiastic and passionate about pig farming and humane animal production. Using organic, land based products is always the best for our bodies and the planet. Most think that about lard being a heavy oil that will clog your skin - and that isn’t the case. Lard is really gentle and nourishing and most compatible with human skin. Lard also is a great high quality ingredient for making a long lasting hard bar of soap, where most plant based oils can yield a soft bar that melts in your shower after a few uses.)

    Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, farm lard, VVF indigo pigment, essential oils.
  • Vibrant Valley BlueVibrant Valley BlueVibrant Valley Farm is a woman-owned and operated farm located on Sauvie Island, just north of Portland, on unceded Wapato Territory. We are farming land that was inhabited by indigenous peoples of the ancestral home to the Multnomah band of the Chinook Tribe, prior to European arrival in the 19th century. Wapato Island was a place for tribes to gather, trade, and take advantage of the ever so bountiful, rich soil, fruit, and fauna that inhabited this region. We carry deep compassion for this land and pay our respects and homage to those that inhabited this space, place and land before us and we do our best to respect and honor the land in our work daily.

    Here at VVF we grow Persicaria Tinctoria, also known as Japanese Indigo, and use it to infuse our Vibrant Valley Blue body line. Our techniques and planting methods have evolved and changed and we are fine tuning our systems to assure we have a sufficient amount in cultivation for our extraction goals, fresh dye workshops, body products, seed saving and overall art form and exploration.
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