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Vita and the Wolf - Anna Ohio

Vita and the Wolf - Anna Ohio

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          Anna Ohio is a fictional character. But Anna Ohio, the album, is a very real pilgrimage of self-discovery. The album’s interconnected songs tell a self-referential story about a flawed but strong character reaching for reinvention. As Anna Pague’s dreamlike examination of life under late-stage capitalism (“Home,” “Auntie Anne’s Waitress”) and desire for escape (“Operator”) are somehow more real than reality: They’re a direct line out from a soul-searching heart and mind. The album is both patient and hook-filled. There are echoes of Elliott Smith in the understated guitar work. Longtime bandmate and friend Adam Shumski’s inventive drum pat- terns give the songs a rare rhythmic depth.

          Most importantly, Anna Ohio is Jen Pague’s vision, through and through. She built it with her own hands. And suddenly the press and the renown seem secondary to what she has already accomplished: Pague wrote, played and recorded an album with the sound she had been searching for. And, through Anna, she told a story worth telling. “I gave up something while writing this record,” Pague says. “Anna Ohio holds my pain, the thoughts of not being good enough to date, hire, love, and respect. It holds my energy and refusal to quit being a human. It holds what I find beautiful when things somehow work out. And it’s a tip of the hat to the people who support and love me.”- Anna Pague
          TLE-088 (2020)
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Vita and the Woolf

Track Listing

1. Out of State
2. Confetti
3. Home
4. Kentucky
5. Operator
6. Feet
7. Mess Up
8. Machine
9. Auntie Anne's Waitress
10. Paris

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Vita and the Woolf are an indie pop band from Los Angeles, California. Led by frontwoman Jennifer Pague, VATW has toured with Rasputina, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. They have also been featured in Billboard and Nylon Magazines. Vita and the Woolf's second full length album Anna Ohio dropped on Tender Loving Empire Records Summer 2020

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