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Willis Earl Beal - Noctunes

Willis Earl Beal - Noctunes

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      Continuing to defy the constraints of any pre-existing genres, Willis Earl Beal presents haunting, synth-heavy Noctunes. The album’s twelve songs are moving and meditative, thoroughly soaked with mournful synth strings and simple lyricism that Beal says is intentionally minimalistic. “I wanted to create this persona that could say everything perfectly with very little,” Beal says. “The record, to me, is a perfect record. I listen to that thing a lot, and it helps me.”

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    Willis Earl Beal

    Track Listing

    1. Under You
    2. Flying So Low
    3. Like a Box
    4. Lust
    5. No Solution
    6. Stay.
    7. Say the Words.
    8. Love is All Around.
    9. Able to Wail
    10. Survive
    11. Start Over
    12. 12 Midnight

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    Willis Earl Beal will eternally frustrate those with the compulsion to categorize. Levitating above concrete definition, Beal is concerned not with living up to the expectations of others, but with self-discovery and truth seeking. “I know it sounds falsely altruistic,” he says. “But I think a simple voice like mine can serve as an example of some kind of freedom.” Shockingly original, utterly confident, and as ephemeral as the artist himself, Beal’s music enchants and captivates listeners willing to suspend pre-existing assumptions about what music should be.

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