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Y La Bamba - Lupon

Y La Bamba - Lupon


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    After accumulating a bundle of raw home recordings and winning fans all over the US with their infectious live shows, it was time for Y La Bamba to record their first studio album. Chris Funk of The Decemberists was one of many who became enamored with Y La Bamba’s spirited folk sound and offered his production skills for this debut release. Funk worked tirelessly to capture the raw, contagious energy present at live Y La Bamba shows, and it’s safe to say his work paid off. Featuring frontwoman Luz Mendoza’s distinctive vocals and songs inspired by the traditional tunes of her childhood, a more stunning debut album is hardly imaginable.

    TLE-025 (2010)
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Y La Bamba

Track Listing

1. Monster
2. November
3. Soy Capitan
4. Crocodile Eyes
5. Abducted
6. Juniper
7. Festival of Panic
8. Winter's Skin
9. Fasting in San Francisco
10. Isla de Hierva Buena
11. Memories of a Poor Start

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Y La Bamba is the project of songwriter Luz Elena Mendoza. Upon listening to Mendoza’s music it’s clear that she draws from a myriad of influences--from Mexican 30’s tunes to Devendra Banhart. Mendoza’s distinctive voice, poetic and honest lyrics, and melding of disparate genres has earned the project fans across the country and has perked the ears of journalists at the likes of NPR, Vice, and Rolling Stone. Always open to exploration and hungry for further musical development, Y La Bamba is an exciting band to watch grow and consistently keeps fans wondering and anxious to see what they will put out next.

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