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A Whale A Fish EP

Finn Riggins

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  • Listen to the song "The Plumest"

    From the travel journal frenetics of "Wurlitz" and 70's German prog tendencies of "Mahoney" to the funerary "A Whale, A Fish.", Boise, Idaho's Finn Riggins shows their mettle and wins our hearts with their Tender Loving Empire debut EP.

    TLE-080 (2007)
  • 1. Wurlitz
    2. The Plumest
    3. DeTamble Pt. 1
    4. Thumbs to Muse
    5. Mahoney (My Homie)
    6. A Whale, A Fish
  • FInn Riggins Finn Riggins Few bands know the United States as well as Finn Riggins. Since the release of the group’s TLE debut in 2007, the Idaho indie rock outfit’s members have spent most of their time in a van together, at one point averaging over 200 shows a year. Which is not to say there’s any love lost between Finn Riggins and its home town of Boise. On the contrary, the band is heavily invested in and beloved by the local music scene. Keyboardist/vocalist Eric Gilbert is a founder of Boise’s high-profile Treefort Music Festival. The collaborative brainchild of three music school graduates from the University of Idaho—Eric Gilbert, Cameron Bouiss, and Lisa Simpson--Finn Riggins’ sound is defined more by their raw energy and adventurous musical chops than by any sound that a concise description could quantify. In recent years, the trio morphed from trio to quartet with Travis Ward (Hillfolk Noir, Doug Martsch Trio) on bass.
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