Oregon Hazelnut Brittle 3.5oz

The Candy Apothecary


  • Fresh from the farm Oregon Hazelnuts make up this delicious crunchy, nutty brittle. Raw hazelnuts are coarsely chopped then tossed into boiling sugars until they are toasted and the brittle is cooked to brittle perfection. Tremendous hazelnut flavor throughout the candy. Naturally soy free and gluten free
  • The Candy Apothecary The Candy Apothecary is an inspiration from owner Jenny Carlson's pharmacy background and love of handcrafted gourmet candies that stand out among the best that we have ever tasted. It’s the freshness and small batches that make it special. Every candy is made one batch at a time, hand-cut and hand-dipped in chocolate. No fillers or compound chocolate, but solid chocolate tempered to the exact consistency for divine dipping and perfect snap to the finished product. The candies are made in my Oregon certified candy kitchen. They are made with care, pride, and passion for delivering a quality finished product that you’ll want to come back for seconds and thirds.
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