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She Moves


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    Thank goodness for winter. Without the endlessly gray days typical of an Oregonian winter BRAINSTORM would never have needed to hole up in a basement in Salem, OR and record these two brand new tunes. In attempt to conjure up a sonic summer surrogate, BRAINSTORM synthesized two killer songs as bright and burning as anything they've released to date.

    TLE-040 (2013)
  • 1. She Moves
    2. Black to Bright
  • BRAINSTORMBRAINSTORM A map of BRAINSTORM’s musical influences would span the entire globe. Withinthe Portland, Oregon-based experimental pop trio’s music, one can hear West African grooves and guitar licks, British invasion rock and roll, and soulful AM-radio nostalgia. But most of all, BRAINSTORM’s is a buoyant sound: From the the band’s shimmering debut full-length, Heat Waves--produced by Robbie Moncrieff (Dirty Projectors, Youth Lagoon) to its more psychedelic single She Moves, all the trio’s music is loaded with intense kinetic energy. That energy translates seamlessly into an explosive live show packed with three-part vocal harmonies and tight polyrhythms.
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