Typhoon / My Body Remix

Bug Hunt

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  • Listen to the song "Make It Good (Typhoon Remix)"

    My Body and Typhoon mix it up and split it up for you on this super sweet 7".

    BUH-003 (2015)
  • 1. Hunger and Thirst (My Body Remix) - Typhoon
    2. Make It Good (Typhoon Remix) - MY BODY
    3. Hunger and Thirst (Shannon Rose Steele Remix)
  • TyphoonTyphoon Typhoon is a band of contradictions. The eleven-piece Portland supergroup is both wild and tightly structured, punk and symphonic. Frontman Kyle Morton’s lyrics are concerned primarily with death, but Typhoon’s songs are resoundingly triumphant. The truth is that the band, formed by high school friends who somewhat miraculously overcame the interpersonal challenges and logistical nightmares of keeping a project of this scale intact to full maturity, was just built that way. Morton has fought significant battles with illness over the course of his life and has at times left him struggling with meaning. Of Typhoon’s music he says, “You can consider it one very bewildered man’s attempt to explain the universe to himself...in the language of bewilderment.”

    My Body MY BODY Based in Brooklyn, NY, MY BODY was originally formed by Darren Bridenbeck and Jordan Bagnall--both of who are former members of Portland staple Typhoon. Music that is hard to keep from dancing to, MY BODY fuses infectious pop sounds and optimistic lyrics while maintaining a safe distance from cornyness.

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