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    Radiation City and G_Force met on a basketball court. Their relationship began as rivals but evolved into a fruitful collaboration between like minds. After the band finished their sophomore record, Animals in the Median, G_Force expressed interest in remixing one of the songs, which snowballed into remixing the entire album, aptly titling it A Different Animal. You'll hear songs that use Radiation City hooks in their entirety, and others that distort the original samples until they're almost unrecognizable, setting them to a backdrop of pounding 808s. The goal here was to not only make a project together that would pay homage to the Portland hip-hop and indie scenes in equal measure (and hopefully create a healthy crossover), but to push the boundaries of both Radiation City's and G_Force's own respective musical approaches. The collaborating emcees who got on board with the project came from all corners of the US hip hop scene, from Juicy J, to Portland's own (and G_Force's group) TxE. Other notables include Sandpeople's Sapient, Chicago's trumpeteering R&B dark horse Sam Trump, and underground hip hop heavy weights, Strong Arm Steady.

    TLE-042 (2014)
  • 1. Zombies Remix [feat. TxE]
    2. So Long Remix [feat. Sam Trump]
    3. Wash of Noise Remix [feat. OnlyOne, ILLmaculate, Luck-One & Celsius
    4. Food Remix [feat. Blimp, Calvin Valentine & Juicy J]
    5. Foreign Bodies Remix Skys Fall [feat. RIO]
    6. Wary Eyes Remix Indulge Me [feat. Sapient ]
    7. L.A. Beach Remix [feat. Strong Arm Steady & N.VS]
    8. Entropia Remix [feat. OnlyOne & EPP]
    9. Turbulence (Buckminsterfullerene Remix)
    10. Summer Rain Remix [feat. Lady Remedy, Mark Noxx & EPP]
    11. Lark Remix [feat. Kung Foo Grip & Ragen Fykes]
    12. Call Me Remix [feat. TxE]
  • G_ForceG_Force is among the West Coast’s most prolific and eclectic artists, having toured the country with a rock band (on Warped Tour, nonetheless) and released solo hip-hop albums under the alias Calvin Valentine. G_Force has gained his widest acclaim as a hip-hop producer, working with national acts like Planet Asia, Bun B, and Devin the Dude. He’s left an inexorable mark on Portland, Oregon, hip-hop as well, both as a producer for acts like Illmaculate and Braille, and with his own group TxE.
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