Black Girls Rock - Ribbon Wand

Mouse Loves Pig


  • We can teach our children that without the breadth of diversity represented by all of our different colors of skin, our world would be incomplete.
    In this simple toy, every ribbon is necessary, every ribbon deserves a place. It's a beautiful visual tool to teach children that our differences are part of what makes our world a beautiful place.
    Choose an affirmation and watch them dance, play, and laugh for joy.
    Children are beautiful. In every color. Let's teach them to celebrate their skin!

    Luxe double sided satin (so silky) and organic rings (guaranteed to not snap), our developmental toys are made for developing the whole child. Appealing to touch, sight, movement, and sometimes even taste (hey, the materials are all natural… and even my 7 year old sometimes still puts things in his mouth), our dance ribbons will have them moving and grooving, inside or outside.
  • Mouse Loves Pig Mouse Loves Pig Born of a desire to help kids foster their own creativity in the best way possible, through play! Mouse Loves Pig is more than just a sweet brand name, it is everything about imagination and creativity and connection between children and adults. Mouse Loves Pig believes in teaching our children that the most important thing to "get right" in a story is to have fun and make up your own ending. Their durable workhorse toys are meant to last through multiple stages of childhood. High quality, beautiful toys made from organic materials that your kids will love! Mouse Loves Pigs philosophy: “Play is the real work of childhood. Open-ended toys are the tools.”
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